Terminal Land Art Project

Terminal Land Art Project is a permanent land artwork to be located in the West Mojave Desert in Kern County, California.  It is specifically engaged in the cultural and environmental context of the region and site, including references to the area’s legacies of aviation and mining.  The project’s construction plan involves one Boeing 727-200 commercial jetliner, which will be completely buried and accessible via a long descending ramp and ancillary vertical shafts connecting to the surface.  Upon entering the airplane by way of a corrugated steel mine-shaft/jet-way, visitors will experience the fully intact main cabin and cockpit.  The desert’s strata and soil layers will be visible through the fuselage windows.  Utilizing bunker and mining techniques consistent with the surrounding land use, the plane will be converted into an accessible underground structure.  At the completion of construction, the impacted desert floor will be restored to as close as possible to its undisturbed state.

  • Christoph Büchel
  • Buro Happold
  • Del Amo Construction